AHHS college fair helps students look to the future

Posted by Alicia Smith on 10/27/2023 10:00:00 AM

AHHS college fair helps students look to the future


When junior Alisha Butler walked out of the gym after attending the 2023 college fair, she declared Mercy University was her college of choice. Two boys hold up college brochures


Finding a college or university that suits them is the goal of the college fair, and on Oct. 25, Alexander Hamilton High School students had an opportunity to speak with college representatives as they begin to think about their plans after high school.


Among the other schools Alisha spoke to on this day was Purchase. She is considering studying speech therapy or pre-law.


“I hope I can finish all my classes knowing I tried my best,” Alisha said as she looks ahead to finishing high school. “I want to be more independent.”


Throughout the morning each grade filtered into the gymnasium to learn more about the possibilities that await them.


“It’s a chance to speak to college representatives and get more information,” Guidance Counselor Monica Ahern said of the fair, adding that it is also a great way to learn about schools for those who may not be able to visit in person.


There were 25 schools at the fair and Guidance Counselor Stephanie Luccioni-Burns said each Wednesday a college rep visits AHHS which enables students the opportunity to talk to them individually.


Such meetings like those at the fair also help students to learn to advocate for themselves and get used to speaking to others.


Girl speaks with college representativeJunior Justice Duncan said he was looking for schools that offered a degree in Criminal Justice.


“I’m just here to look around and see what my options are,” he said, adding that he feels some pressure to begin the college application process.


“For me, personally, I hope they find a college they thrive in,” Mallory Cleere, admissions counselor for Wells College in Aurora, NY said. “Every student is going to be different in what they are looking for.”




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