Club Fair is full of opportunities for AHHS students

Posted by Alicia Smith on 11/27/2023 2:00:00 PM

One band member banged his drum, and a member of the Spirit Squad did cheers in the hallway. They were certainly attention-getting feats. And that was the idea during the AHHS Club Fair. Man practices on drum


Each club offered at Alexander Hamilton High School had a table represented and students in all grades had an opportunity throughout the day on Nov. 22 to stop by and chat with club members and hopefully sign up to join.


The event, organized by the student government, is held annually. Students can get involved in different clubs of interest. Among them are the Internet Club, PRIDE, Spirit Squad, Student Government, Mock Trial, Mock Congress, Band, GREEN Club, Science Olympiad, Yearbook, Art Club, Coding Club and RADD, or Raiders Against Destructive Decisions.


“It’s a great opportunity to collaborate with other students and understand each other better,” senior Sarah Vinu, treasurer of Student Government said of joining a club.


The student government, she said, helps plans dances and other school activities.


“We work as a team for the betterment of the school,” Sarah said, adding that she gets a lot of satisfaction from seeing the results of the groups hard work.


“We heard that it was the best homecoming this year,” she said.


Senior Matteo Di Berto, vice president of Student Government, agreed that homecoming was amazing this year, and encouraged others to get involved in the organization.


“This is the first-year student government has planned the Club Fair,” he said. “I think we did a decent job.”


The verdict is in: Mock Trial is really fun. At least according to club members.


“It gets me more out of my shell,” senior Amanda Gonzalez said of Mock Trial. “And you learn about the legal system.”


Mock Trial Vice President senior Aazekie White said members of the club have different types of trials that they prepare for, including criminal cases. Members are assigned roles and research how the case could best be heard.


“I’ve always been interested in debating, so this was perfect for me,” he said.


Boy talks to group at table“It’s a safe place for people and to be true to themselves,” Mock Trial President senior Katherine Sosa said.


Interact Club President Ashley Robinson explained that her club is a great way for students who enjoy volunteering as it offers several ways to serve the community.


“I just like helping in my community,” Ashley said, explaining that the club’s advisor posts opportunities for students to engage in and the club decides what of those they’d like to participate in.


“It’s also a great way to get your volunteers hours,” Ashley said.


Peeking out from behind a colorful tri-fold poster was eighth grader Nina Ware, president of the Art Club.


She assured that anyone who likes to be creative would be welcome in the Art Club.


“Art is subjective. Art can be anything,” Nina said. “In the club you’ll have time to do your art.”


The club is working on creating a mural near the library, she said and would love to get more people to help with the project.


Dominic Steo, who is in the eighth grade, perused the tables and opted to sign up for the Chess Club.


“I’ve never learned how to play chess and I saw the club today and decided to sign up,” he said. “I want that experience.”


Sophomore Jake Garcia opted to sign up for the yearbook.


“I really enjoy taking pictures,” he said, adding that he hopes to contribute photos to the yearbook.


“It’s exciting, all of the opportunities the clubs provide,” Jake continued.