Are masks required in schools?

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Yes, masks are required in schools at all times, except when actively eating, drinking, or participating in music instruction as part of a regular academic curriculum where masking is impractical and social distancing has been implemented. When students are outside and able to maintain six feet of distance, masks are not required. Universal masking of teachers, staff, students, and visitors to PK-12 schools over age two and able to medically tolerate a face covering/mask and regardless of vaccination status, is required indoors. Further, the requirement is extended to any gathering on school grounds which addresses or implements educational matters where students are or may reasonably be expected to be present. “Mask breaks” during the school day are not permitted and there is no exception to the masking requirement on the basis of minimal social distancing in classrooms. This is in accordance with CDC guidance recommending universal masking in schools to keep children in school without risking close  contact exposure and subsequent quarantines.