NYS/DoH Authorize High Risk Winter Sports

High Risk Sports

With Governor Cuomo's announcement that he has allowed higher risk sports to begin in New York schools effective February 1, 2021 subject to local health department approval and the recent Westchester County authorization, we will begin offering winter sports ASAP.

Westchester Department of Health Commissioner offered the following:

Given that the prevalence of COVID-19 in the Hudson Valley region is higher than the statewide average, it is important that student athletes, their parents/guardians, and schools carefully consider a variety of factors before making an individual decision.
Important Reminders:

  • Participation in school sports is voluntary. School districts may opt out of any or all sports as they choose; particularly if they believe the guidance from NYS, the region and/or the Westchester County Health Departments cannot be fully met.
  • Parents/guardians, students and school staff should be especially diligent in their awareness of social distancing requirements as practicable, potential safety. concerns, and adverse health symptoms and COVID-19 protocols for students participating, and all those who attend athletic activities.
  • High risk school sports may be suspended if public health concerns so require. The CDC “Indicators and thresholds for risk of introduction and transmission of COVID-19 in schools" is outlined in the document found HERE 

You may find more from our Athletic Director, Mr. Robert Pollok, HERE.